I am counting my coins to buy some bread to kill my hungry. I´m starving!

They will cut my internet this week. Fuck. I don´t know what to do with this fucking bills.

I´ll get thin, this is good, ok?

I´m thirsty.

Thanx god there is mama and papa to save the children from starvation.

Yesterday I´d spent all my money in beer and cocaine. Not true, the cocaine was free.

Yesterday I´d get my linger fucked up.

Fuck, it´s the only thing I wanted to do today and my girl didn´t.

I am alone, dirty and hungry here, in my dirty home. In my dirty thoughts. In my dirty dreams. And lots of pornography.

I hate pornography because I can´t live without it. And I want to have sex today, and I know I won´t. Fuck!

Well, that´s it. Enough of this shit.

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