Another day

Another monday, another day in our lives. Everything's fine. Everyone's fine. Ok.

No surprises, no alarms. Nothing. No nada.

This weekend I was working on a very peculiar project, some video recordings for an internet channel about a giant music festival. We've made some videos and we try to be always near to the point of view of someone who was watching the shows. Someone who was there, at the audience.

It's so interesting to go out of your city, to get into another place, absolutely different, with a beach in front of your hotel. Our sunrise yesterday was something pretty fantastic, pretty different of what I'm used to see at my windows.

Sometimes there's so much fear into our lives. But... so much fear of what? What was the point that we were about to fear what we don't care anymore. No need to think like this.

And writing nonsense it's another pretty bizarre feeling, but a little bit good to feel like this. To have this feeling. This bizarre nonsense feeling ok.

There's always the doubts, the questionings, the matter subject. Well, when this kind of thing happens...