Travelling around

These days I've been travelling around old places I once was used to be always. I went to my ex girl's city, and it was very nostalgic, but not sad.

I went to places I didn't stepped by the whole year, and it was funny, cause I was with my new lady, and it was better than it used to be. The only thing I've wanted, in the end, was to go somewhere else, other place. That fucking huge city is the hell on earth, lots of cars on the street, heat, very very very heat wheather. It's frightening.

We stayed there one day and one nigth, and then we crossed the city and headed south, always beside the shore. We stopped in a few beaches, to stare at, and to eat something, and, finaly, we get to our goal: Trindade, the incredible place. If I took my camera I was absolutely putting some pictures here, cause the place is absolutely incredible.

We stayed there for just one night and half a day, but it worthed. We woke up very early, at 5:22 o' clock, and headed for the beach to see the sun coming up. And after that we went to a natural pool in the sea, a place circled with huge stones and with a shallow bottom of sand, and the water is almost hot and cristal clear, with lots of colourfull fishes. And the best thing is that we were alone there, at 6:30 o'clock nobody was awake to go to the trail and get there, just me and my girl. It was amazing.

Well, I think maybe it's the last post of the year, so see ya next year. Thank you for your attention.