And what if one of us dies tomorrow?
How could I live without talking to you again? Without putting an end over this.

We don't speak with each other since 25th october, when I came back from Cuba, after one month and a half far far away... I called her and she told me she was too tired to see me, maybe other day. And this after one month and a half traveling.

I told her I would call her the next day, but don't. I wrote her some hours later telling that if she want to talk to me she could call me. And then... 6 month passed away and we didn't talked yet.

I know her for 10 years. We've been together as a couple for 2 years. And it ends like this?

Now what if one of us dies tomorrow?


These days I'll start a new project. Video project to this fucking shit.

The idea is that I am a foreigner on this wasteland, and I want to put my vision into this and use the video language to register my thoughts and to get some conclusion, or to try to understand better this bizarre world.

Freaking out

This weekend I was totally freaking out. By the way this last 15 days I was totally freaking out. Alcohol, drugs, sex, party all the time. I was fine, but not so well. Actually I am sad. Very sad.