Dinner with daddy

Today's the daddy's dinner day, well, he won't be cooking, but we will go out to eat something somewhere. When I was youger we used to go out every wednesday to have dinner together, with my brother and my sister. But lately we don't have time every week. Sometimes I'm out of the city working, and my brother is living very far from here, either my sister. Them both got married and went away to other provinces, far, very far. I've never had the opportunity to visit my brother, neither my sister, but they went away just this year, and I was running out of money and with lots of free time, and now is the inverse (thanx god). With money, but no time to travel by.

So I am now the only son in city, for my father and mother, and I need to dedicate much time to them to substitute my distant brothers.

My mommy bought a playstation 3, what is very funny, cause she isn't the lady used to videogames, but I got a young cousin that is living with her, and she's spoiling him a lot.


That's ok

Well, saturday I've stayed home, a little bit angry, but then, on sunday, everything was nice again, very nice. You know, when you are living with someone, sharing all kinds of things, sometimes it's harder then other days, but there are good moments, and this is what I'm talking about. Good moments.

Today, monday, usually a boring and tough day, was a great day. It's being a great day, ok? I woke up early to work (I use to work at home, at the computer), and started the things, answering mails, sending projects for evaluation, etc, and it was very productive. Later she wake up, and we have a breakfest together, and it was really nice. I mean, it's very good to have someone to hold, to kiss and to have a good time together, but the important thing is to have someone special, not anyone, but that person, that special person for you. And this is the first time in my life I really consider that I have someone truly special. Althought I've had other relationships, this one is the best. That's because I've waited so long, 8 years, to be with her.

I fell in love when met her, 8 years ago, when we studied together. We exchanged some kisses and it was all, but I was in love, and it last. I keep her in touch, even when she was dating other guy. We had times that we were distant from each other, when she compromised with other, mainly. I had 3 or 4 girlfriends at this 8 years gap, I had some beatiful experiences, adventures, lots of things, but never forgot her. She was always on my mind, even when I was with other girl.

Sometimes I felt that I was cheating, being a bad guy, but nowadays I realised it was not my fault, I always wanted to be with my actual girl, but she never, until now. And I was always right to want to be with her.

So, I don't know why I'm writing this stuff, but it's my blog and I can do anything. I guess it will be like a diary or something.


Saturday night dead

Today I'm gonna talk about some fun facts of this saturday night.

There's a party rolling over in a house of a friend of mine, with lots of friends. There's lots of bier and good conversation waiting for me, but I'm here, stuck in my home. Why? Because of my girlfriend, she's drunk, hangovering, sleeping and sobing here, and I cannot go out and let her alone because I love her, even though I'm pretty stressed about her at this very moment.

At noon we went to a restaurant to eat good food and listen to a friend playing guitar, some kind of brazillian music and stuff like that. I ate a lot, till get ill, and drank some bier, but nothing that took me out of control. But she got pretty drunk, said bad things to me and broke my heart. And now I'm stuck here because of her, and I am really thinking of going out and forgeting about her. Maybe it's the best choice tonight, go out.

Just this moment other friend call me saying that there is another party going on, and I should go there.

Five minutes later and I'm still wondering what to do.

I'm very bored here, writing and thinking about nothing.

I could open a wine bottle I bouth other day, sit down at the computer (like I'm doing right at this moment) and work a little. Actually I need to, write a project, a film project that I must send to an organization wednesday, to get aproved and shot a short movie with budget.
But no, I'm very bored, lazy and wondering of what the fuck I must do with my life right now, but not work, I'm fucking tired to work more tonight.

Now I'm wondering why I've started a blog...


What a fuck?
So this is my first blog, and?

Welcome to my toughts, even though I am pretty weird and fucked up you can like me the way I am.
Sorry if I'm disappointing you, but I'm doing my best.