Saturday night dead

Today I'm gonna talk about some fun facts of this saturday night.

There's a party rolling over in a house of a friend of mine, with lots of friends. There's lots of bier and good conversation waiting for me, but I'm here, stuck in my home. Why? Because of my girlfriend, she's drunk, hangovering, sleeping and sobing here, and I cannot go out and let her alone because I love her, even though I'm pretty stressed about her at this very moment.

At noon we went to a restaurant to eat good food and listen to a friend playing guitar, some kind of brazillian music and stuff like that. I ate a lot, till get ill, and drank some bier, but nothing that took me out of control. But she got pretty drunk, said bad things to me and broke my heart. And now I'm stuck here because of her, and I am really thinking of going out and forgeting about her. Maybe it's the best choice tonight, go out.

Just this moment other friend call me saying that there is another party going on, and I should go there.

Five minutes later and I'm still wondering what to do.

I'm very bored here, writing and thinking about nothing.

I could open a wine bottle I bouth other day, sit down at the computer (like I'm doing right at this moment) and work a little. Actually I need to, write a project, a film project that I must send to an organization wednesday, to get aproved and shot a short movie with budget.
But no, I'm very bored, lazy and wondering of what the fuck I must do with my life right now, but not work, I'm fucking tired to work more tonight.

Now I'm wondering why I've started a blog...

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