Dinner with daddy

Today's the daddy's dinner day, well, he won't be cooking, but we will go out to eat something somewhere. When I was youger we used to go out every wednesday to have dinner together, with my brother and my sister. But lately we don't have time every week. Sometimes I'm out of the city working, and my brother is living very far from here, either my sister. Them both got married and went away to other provinces, far, very far. I've never had the opportunity to visit my brother, neither my sister, but they went away just this year, and I was running out of money and with lots of free time, and now is the inverse (thanx god). With money, but no time to travel by.

So I am now the only son in city, for my father and mother, and I need to dedicate much time to them to substitute my distant brothers.

My mommy bought a playstation 3, what is very funny, cause she isn't the lady used to videogames, but I got a young cousin that is living with her, and she's spoiling him a lot.

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