Always someone close...

Adding that you always will be betrayed for someone so close, the closest person you have, adding that you do not need to fight with no one. You can go away, but not disappear, just go away and appear a lot. This is it. Appear and appear.

The stories always repeat themselves, always... always...

Enough of repetition. Enough of everything. Enough...

I just ask something:

Where are these souls?

Ich verstehe ├╝berhaupt nicht

Inside my mind. Just there.
2014, what a year. I wish I could put something like 1/1000 written on this blank pages. But the blank pages are always there... But there's lot's of things going on...

I feel that I'm playing with fire these days, and this is just some last sentiment of this very weird year, 2014, weird weird year...

I need to go to sleep, but I just started writing now, it always takes me a lot of time to sit and start writing, so I don't write never. No, never never writing nothing... but I have so many things to put on the paper... so so so many thoughts and so many living things.

So strange to think that your life could be a very very bizarre, dark and fuking gross movie... But to not have the ability to put it on the sheets... to fill in the white holes. Doesn't matter if it's in portugues or in english... actually in english it's a little bit easier, but just because it's more provocative... but just because of that... Nothing more.

And it'll always be weird to have a life that you think that deserves a biography or something like that... to have a life that is so full of histories, so full of situations that deserves a biography.. but... doesn't every life has so much many situations like that???

Sometimes I think where I can put so many things that is passing by my life?

Where can I record so many things... where should I keep eveything?

Next week I'll start studying Deutsch... German! I've studied this language for 6 months... but it's so hard!
I've studied english for long 6 or 7 years... all by myself... but german is pretty more much difficult... I've became sure of that 6 months after starting studying... so difficult.

ich verstehe ├╝berhaupt nicht

Oh melancolia, rosa del aliento... dime que puede me amar...