Tenderness of a working sunday

I wish I could throw everything away just for today. And step outside my home for this sun that shines on this sunday afternoon.
I think I finally found love, and knows what love is. But instead of being very well comfortable I still have this will of getting other girls and do sex with them, and kiss them. But I don't do anything, just for the respect I have for my girl. But sometimes it's difficult to bear the will to have sex when she don't give me what I really want. And this times I've been feeling the will to go looking for girls to have sex, just that. Nothing else at all.

Well, changing the subject, why do I have to work on a sunny sunday afternoon, when everyone's going to have fun with anything? And I am not making a lot of money with this, just a little bit, and not gaining a lot of experience at all. The good part is that this is almost the last working sunday (at least at this work).

Ok, let's go working.

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