Falling apart

Today is like the whole world is falling apart, bombs exploding, knives rain, and incredible lots of responsibilities to accomplish.

Tomorrow I've got so many things to do that I can't even organize it in my mind, I can't think about it clearly. So I'm putting it on a paper as a list. A fucking gigantic list of things to do. I don't know where to begin with.

I think now, 9 pm o'clock, I'll go home, get some rest, food and love with my girl, and try to sleep early to be here soon tomorrow, and put the things to work. Or else I can do some editing before going home. I should call my girl to ask where she is and plan my time now.

I've shouldn't be losing my time here writing as I lost it reading and watching some videos, but I'm in a big stress, so I can't work straight, and that's a problem. I don't know why I act like this, always losing my concentration, my focus, and going to do something else, less important then what I really need to do at this moment. I don't really know why. If I only could focus on something in a better way, or a more focused way and made everything done quickly it would be very good to me. I could increase my work, my money, my efficiency, but instead of doing this, I stay a little bit slow with my accomplishments.

I know I need a change, but I am trying to have it for some time, but I'm not having success on this. But I know the time is now, absolutely now.

Let's run.

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