Problems with animation suppliers

Ok, I know you don't give a fuck to my problems, but I'll write it anyway.

I've lost 15 days because of this son of a bitch, I don't want to put names (and I know you don't know him), but he fucked my life. Here's what happened:

Me and my work partner are working on a video project to sell to cable tv, and this project got one certain buyer, but we must finish it to deliver on time. Ok, we don't have a fixed date, but we lost some precious days waiting work of our animation' supplier.

We hired him for an expensive price to deliver to us a little piece of animation for the beginning of the video. Our executive producer and leader, after some days awaiting any kind of answer, wrote him asking and giving some references, words of inspiration and ended on the old and beated "surprise me"...
The guy who was hired to do this piece of art is very well recommended on our business, so we awaited and I'd became very anxious and impatient. The son of a bitch was very late.

And then became the day of the first deliver. And he surprised us.
He cam with a shit conversation, that he's passing through lots of personal problems, arguing with his wife, and in a personal artistic crisis... and lots of shit. And that he was not working anymore.
It was very surprisingly, a gigantic pain in my ass. And now I'm rolling over some nights to get it ready and steady.

I got my own fucking problems, ok? Everybody got. But I don't compromise myself in serious enterprise or something and then jump over, just because I am a lazy idiot, or in a crisis or something. It would be better if he killed himself - at least he would have a good excuse to fuck our schedule.

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