Thinking about next week, thinking about today, later. Now I've just stepped out of my bed, drank some juice and sat on my computer just to write about my terrible thinking about today.

Well, I'd woke up a couple hours with my brother arguing with his girl, they were loudspeaking something about some exam they were intended to do this mourning, but I really do not know what happened. If I had the chance I'll ask my brother what's happened, well, it awakened me. I was dreaming on travelling situations, remembering some old times in shitty hotels, beautiful cities like Prague, and something like that. An so I was awakened by an argue of my brother.

Today I'll maybe do something terrible. I'm going to a cinema party in a few hours, to see two movies, and then to drink free and eat free. And I'm going with a girl. She's an old friend, I'm really fond of her and her company, and she's so kind and... well. We already had sex lots of times, and I'm in a very good mood for having sex with her again. And my girl is away, my brother, that's spending some time in my home, is going today. So the situation is very proper to do something like this.

But I'm really not sure of what I'll be doing.

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