Well well

After all the rejection thing wasn't at all a truly rejection, and yesterday I've got it up again, and she dated with me and it was awesome.
But still it's a strange relationship, not at all, but a little bit strange.
Today I'm going to travel alone, without her. And it's sucks. If i knew she won't be coming I would had canceled this trip, but she told me yesterday that she wasn't be coming today, so it was impossible to tell my friends that it wasn't going to happen, so here I am, going with 4 couples to spend a weekend at the countryside. She did bad this time, oh yeah. Bad girl.

I'm not sad anymore, ok. I'm fine. Just because of yesterday, just because of her. I'm in her hands, and that's a pretty frightening thing. And despairing too. I don't really know what I should do now. I just know that I need to go easy and slow, to put the brakes on it. Slow and easy.

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