Today I am feeling that I'm absolutely crazy, freaking out. Delusional thoughts invading my brain like I am out of control. But besides that I'm still sitting with a good behavior at the computer, and working.

Ok, I'm just being dramatic, but I really feel strange today. And I am pretty sure that it's all about that girl, that one that I accidentally fell in love this days. And now I'm doing it all wrong, like I was a little kid, without knowing what to do, turning what could be an absolutely great thing into a misery suffering feeling. And that rejection I already told.

I got a feeling that I am a child again, lost in this social behavior agreements. I've lost every kind of rule that I should be following (or not, maybe to follow social rules isn't always a good thing).

The fact is that I desperately want to know where will it all lead me, where will this relationship lead my life. I'm fucking lost.

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