To forget you

Trying hard, but the wrong way, to forget you. Day by day.

I write this to forget. I remembering to forget you everyday. Everyday trying to forget you, everytime.

Remembering when we were happy together, when I was able to look into your eyes and say that I love you, that you were, you are, the love of my life.
I still can say that, but you cannot listen, you don't want to listen anymore.

Maybe you're right. I gave you this possibility, to don not listen anymore, to let you leave me once and for all. To let you let me go and to go away. I did this because we were fighting, disagreeing, arguing almost everyday, it was hard as hell to be together. And I still wanted to be with other girls, to feel the new, untouchable, and smooth skin of them. To feel the novelty that's all around, this temptation.

But deep inside I know that you are the one that I love the most.

So, months later, years later, I'm writing this to forget you. Like I did years and years ago, when you broke my heart so many times. And again and again.
This time I think maybe I'd broke yours. But I still don't know if you have a heart to be broken, or if I, in any moment of our life together, had the importance for you to break your heart. I don't think I did.

But I stand broken and sad. Very sad.
But ok, I won't gave it away to the sadness. I'll stand tall and looking forward. Recovering.

I'll write till I forget. Maybe forever.

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