Last party of the year

This year we've had a lot of parties at my producer company. The place is perfect for this, and to complete the situation we have a neighbor that is a beverage distributor, that brought us beer any time of the night, we just need to call and show him the money.

These events went crazier and crazier during the year, with lots of drunk people, drugs and stuff like this. Actually almost every party of cinema's people the drugs is present, and sometimes I've been using some coke and weed, besides the alcohol (I used to drink a lot).

At this party I was finally sober. From the beginning till the end. It's been 10 days since I've stopped with everything. But still I stay at the party till the end, at 5 or 6 o'clock. And I don't know where do I take so many strength to to this, but I do, I dance, I talk, I watch and listen everything.

10 days ago happened something, an accident. This last 2 month I've been to many crazy situations, in Cuba, where I spent 1 month in a Cinema School isolated from civilization, an insane moment of my life. In one party, extremely drunk and crazy, I've lost my wallet with almost all my money and my 3 cards (1 credit and two debit). It was the first signal.

Then, already in Brazil, I've went to a party at one sunday, drank like there is no tomorrow and when I realize I was coming back home by the mourning, very far from home, walking and drunk, totally drunk... and without my glasses... So, this day I've lost my glasses.

And finally I've went to a birthday of a friend, got drunk, very drunk, and, besides I was drunk the situation was hard too, I've felt directly with my face to the ground. Lost a tooth (a little bit later I could re-implant at the same place), almost break my nose.

Since this day I'm not drinking for a while, maybe for ever.

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