She was lonely

That day she was lonely, drunk, and writing sad things on the facebook. I was working alone at my company, waiting electronic processes in the computer and while the machine keeps processing I was spending time at the social net. I didn't know that girl, but felt I little pity because of what she was saying, so I started a conversation with her. Five minutes later she asks my number and call me. She invited me to go to her house, and I accepted. We didn't know each other and I bought beer, water, condoms and took a taxi. When I get there she told me that she lives alone and there was a friend of her sleeping. The guy awake and we have a long conversation, he was a very nice person, and so do her, we have a good conversation while we've taste the beer, he was a photographer too (I also works with this subject - besides my firstly video and movie occupation).
One hour later he went away and then Paty and I went upstairs, to her big bed. She took of my clothes, we both get naked, touched each other and everything happened. Two hours later we slept.
The next day we awoke together and I went to my company. We never see each other again, she started to have a relationship, I continue with my life, and that was just a moment when our lives crossed each other and went away each with each way.
It was good, it was weird.

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