Some little vacations and back

After some 4 days of vacation I am back! Well, I could rested a little bit more, but it was nice after all. I went to a farm far away from the city, in a beautiful and bucolic place, with some horses, a pool, barbecue, beer and lots of good stuff. My girl went there with me and we had lots of good sex and love. We sit by the fire, drank some wine and whiskey, watch some movies (unfortunately bad ones). Ok, that's what I was in need. But I still need to get a larger vacation, go far from everything, rest a lot, see other things, people and cultures. I want to go north, to see the forest, and maybe to go to Europe again, alone, and travel all around, partying and seeing what is there to see. But for some days I'll stay here, working a lot!

I need to sit my fat ass again and start to write for real, not waste my time. I need to write my projects, to write my dreams, my thoughts, my imagination. I need to prepare myself to something bigger and better than this, or else I'll be doing this forever

Sometimes we think that life and success is about luck or faith, but don't. You must construct your path, to struggle, to dedicate yourself everyday, every hour, to live your project, even when you're sleeping you can do something in your dreams, explore your unconscious to get to some places nobody ever went.

One of the most important things for me is to find discipline. I must find it, organize it, and live with it. But it's not so ease as it is to talk about, to do something is pretty much harder than talk about wanting to do.

Well, lets go to the news now, ok?

Today I'd spent my night video shooting on my studio, just watching and reading something else, thinking and doing nothing but waiting. It's a little waste of time, but they are paying me for this, so, ok. Money can buy my time, and, unfortunately, I can't be more expensive like I wanted to be at this moment.

This week my business partner is coming back to Brazil and it'll be very important to make some things happen quickly. Without him the whole working process went slow, but I am working to keep it going, even if sometimes it's very difficult like last week, when I've had to spend even night shift awaken here (like I'm doing today, but tomorrow I'll get here just at the afternoon).

Next week will be decisive for me and my partners, I guess. Lot's of things happening, and good things, I guess. So lets wait a little bit more to have some good news.

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